Orbiter: Elevate Your 3D Experience

Unleash the Power of Precision Control

Welcome to the future of 3D interaction. Antidote Electronics proudly presents the Orbiter, a revolutionary controller designed to make controlling 3D programs more intuitive and efficient.

Key Features

1. Precise Gyroscope Control

Experience unparalleled control with the integrated gyroscope, allowing for seamless and intuitive rotation in 3D environments.

2. Efficiency Redefined

Boost your workflow efficiency by eliminating the barriers between your creative vision and its realization. The Orbiter empowers you to navigate through your 3D projects effortlessly.

3. Tailored for CAD Professionals

Crafted with precision for CAD users, the Orbiter is engineered to meet the exacting demands of 3D design environments. Take control like never before.

4. Ergonomic Excellence

Designed for comfort during extended sessions, the Orbiter's ergonomic design ensures a natural and comfortable grip.

5. Plug and Play Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate the Orbiter into your existing workflow. With plug-and-play compatibility, you can focus on your work, not the setup.