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Demonstration from CES 2024

Can you spot the difference?

From 1984 to 2024, the way we interact with computers has not changed. In that time the programs have gone from 2D text editors to complex 3D programs capable of designing detailed parts. How can we expect to use these powerful programs efficiently when our inputs have not changed?

This is the reason Antidote Electronics was founded, to bring 3D computer interaction into the modern era.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Orbiter for?

Orbiter is intended for CAD users to make navigation of 3D enviroments efficient and intuitive. With our customization software, Orbiter can be used for many different tasks like VR/AR, CGI, scuplting and much more.

How does it work?

Orbiter uses onboard sensors to turn your rotation and movement inputs into direct control over your 3D programs.

How do I charge my controller?

Orbiter is a fully sealed sphere so how does it charge? It uses a wireless charging coil in the stand to send power to the controller. You can see that it is charging when the side controls are glowing blue.

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