Who We Are

Antidote Electronics is a computer accessory company focused on controls for 3D programs like CAD. Antidote Electronics was founded in 2023 by Jacob Mills.

We started developing our controller because we saw a major issue in how people interact with their computers. Since 1964 the keyboard and mouse layout has been largely unchanged. While these 2D controls were excellent for programs of the era. The programs we use daily have become far more powerful. How could we expect to efficiently control a 3D program with 2D controls from the 1960's?

This is why the Orbiter controller was built. It allows professional CAD users and amateurs alike to have an intuitive and efficient way of navigating 3D CAD programs without the traditional learning curve. When developing Orbiter we had reliability, usability, and customization foremost in our minds. We know that our customers want devices that they can use for years to come with the customization to adapt to changing computer trends.